Threaded grinding wheel

A grinding wheel for each work

Bima threaded grinding wheels are made according to the strictest quality standards. Made in various shapes and sizes can be with or without hole.
Bima S.r.l. proposes a very large catalog of threaded cutting wheels that differ by type of abrasives, grain sizes and hardness grades. In addition, they can be in different shapes each of which is designed to be used in specific machining.

The features to consider when choosing a grinding wheel are the type of grinding material and the type of work to be carried out. This determines the type of abrasive grain, the degree of hardness and shape of the grinding wheel that can be: cylindrical, cylindrical with sphere head, conical with sphere head, ogive and cup.

Threaded grinding wheel
Threaded grinding wheel

The abrasive grinding wheels with threaded stem produced by Bima S.r.l. are available in various sizes, threaded linchpin can be made with diameters of 2MA, 2,5MA, 4MA, 5MA, 6MA, 8MA, 10MA, both right and left.
This type of grinding wheel is mounted on precision grinding spindles and is mainly used to carry out interior work.

Bima S.r.l. is at your disposal for clarification on the type of abrasive grinding wheel to be used in a particular machining or simply to support you on the proper use of our products.