The grinding wheel we have built for over forty years are produced using inorganic materials such as clay, glass, silicates, magnesium and metals. Their glassy composition allows our cutting wheels to suffer high variations in temperature and withstand the action of the lubrication coolers used to cool and lubricate.
Bima S.r.l. produces cutting wheels mainly for tool grinding, roughing-out and deflashing.
The quality of our production gives our grinders features that make them suitable for the most varied uses for both fine grinding and tool sharpening jobs.

The grinding wheel made for these machining can be created with or without linchpin and they can be cylindrical or shaped.
Bima S.r.l. is able to satisfy the needs of its customers by producing items through a design provided by the same. We produce mainly small sizes used for interior work. This type of cutting wheels is mounted on special spindles for precision grinding or portable machines for large removal.

Abrasive wheels sharpening, roughing and deburring

Grinding wheels production

Resinoid abrasive wheels production


We produce abrasive wheels consisting of binders derived from organic material such as resins or o phenolic thermosetting synthetic resins which give the abrasive grinding wheel an elasticity to allow its use at very high speeds.
The items produced with these materials are mainly used for deflashing, melting and roughing of welds.
Bima S.r.l. proposes to its customers and to all those who will become customers a wide choice of abrasive grinding solutions able of optimizing their function.

Contact us !

Order our products is simple: just indicate the shape and size of the desired grinding wheel, diameter, hardness, height, hole and stem or just send an email with the design of the product to be realized and the details of the sizes and we will provide you with the required product in a short time.

You have to do a job but do not know what kind of abrasive grinding wheel to use?
Contact us, our specialized staff will answer your questions and clarify any doubt about it.

If our production does not meet your requirements, we will be happy to produce the abrasive grinding wheel compatible with your application.

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