Dental grinding wheel

For a perfect smoothing

Our offer is very wide, in addition to the traditional abrasive disc and wrist pin grinding wheel, we offer a wide range of products for the healthcare market, in particular we produce dental grinding wheels in Milan.

The grinding wheels produced for the dental industry are made up of different abrasive compositions each for each material to be machined. We offer a large selection of dental wheels for bone use, particularly suitable for the processing of materials such as gold and ceramics thanks to the use of crystalline abrasives whose characteristic is given by their non-polluting formula and is therefore particularly suitable for the dental industry.

High quality dental grinding wheels production
Dental grinding wheels

We produce abrasive grinding wheels in blue aluminum oxide to work metal items; white corundum for steel processing; in silicon carbide for the processing of gold, enamels and porcelains; in special red and blue corundum, a very porous abrasive for resins and steel; in abrasive pink for the processing of all finishes in non-precious alloys.
For the dental industry, Bima produces grinding wheels for bone use, for gold, for ceramic using non-polluting crystalline abrasives of different type and purity in different cuts or finishes.

Dental materials are mounted on calibrated shiny chrome steel steams in high-strength PR80 for high speeds.
Our specialized staff is at your disposal for any information or clarification about the application fields of our products.
We offer a customized service.