Hole grinding wheel

Quality abrasives

Bima S.r.l. produce a wide range of abrasive which differs by granulometry and hardness. Our abrasive wheels can be realized in different shapes, based on customer’s needs.
Thanks to modern productive systems and our attentive staff, the grinding wheels producted guarantee high precision and permanent performance. Our wide manufacturing provide for the productionof hole grinding wheels.

Pierced grinding wheels are exclusively made of ceramic agglomerating material and resinoid agent , an effectual system that makes resinoid grinding wheels useful in all their applications.Thanks to a continuos check made on total production of Bims S.r.l, we can ensure a high reliability to our grinding wheels.We use a specific type of abrasive to realize this kind on grinding wheel: the CUBITRON (CB).

Hole grinding wheels
Hole grinding wheels

The Cubitron abrasive is a technologically innovative product, made of aluminium crystals with smooth abrasive granules that gives it more thoughness and cut than other common abrasives.Cubitron grinding wheels’ higher cut potential makes possible better rectification works, achieving perfection in less time and decreasing working costs.
Our Cubitron pierced grinding wheels can be used with all traditional grinders and provide to do rectification works on ferrous material, like steel and cast-iron, and on non-ferrous material.Size range from a minimum of 8 mm to a maximum of 100 mm.
Cylindric and conic pot grinding wheels are also in our productions and we are able to produce every shape choosen by customers.

We provide our experience and professionalism for informations and advices about the best grinding wheels for your works.